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    I have been trying to get onboarded for a month


      I have been trying to get on boarded for a month.   I was sent a email that it would happen in 3 days...   Just to give a little history I am a current user of GFI max and I like the product I think Nables better but I am not here to debate that.  I was (well it fells like I was talked into now) by michael.coupland@solarwinds.com   Then was told by julius.balneg@solarwinds.com that I would be contacted and that never happened until I called support waited on hold to 23 min.   Then I was told nobody could help me till Monday.   I did call at lets say 9pm est on fri.   Then I also tried the following sat after no word from anyone.   AND A LITTLE HISTORY INTO THIS.....   I AM A COMPUTER TECH, NETWORK, SERVER GUY...   NOT THE BEST NOT THE WORST...    I AGREED TO TRY A NEW PRODUCT THAT WOULD HELP ME WITH MY BUISSNESS SO I SIGNED UP FOR NABLE WITH A PROMISE I WOULD RECIECE NIGHT AND WEEKED SUPPORT WITH MY ONBOARDING AND SCHOOLING.....    I CANNOT GET EITHER......   So here I am 6 weeks later trying to get omar.kahiel@solarwinds.com to help me after he said he completely droped the ball....    Tonight is multiple times I have emailed him.......   Tonight I told him that I am hooking up 50 to 100 new computers and since I cannot get onboarded I still and cannot use solarwind, nable software and let him know I will be installing GFI max.   I have told these employess over and over I have no choice but to use another software.   At this point I want out of the contract I have signed.....    I signed a contract to get support.......    I cannot get a phone call.   I am at my wits end.....    So I am posting here if there is anyone that has access to higher support or some management personal that can make decisions could you please help.......    I never wanted to be put in this nightmare....   All I wanted was good software.   All I got was a run around.   Please anyone.