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    Get-SwisData : An error occurred when verifying security for the message


      Trying to use the API to access IPAM.


      $hostname = "NPMServer"

      $cred = get-credential

      $swissconect = Connect-Swis -Hostname $hostname -cred $cred

      Get-SwisData -SwisConnection $swissconect -Query 'SELECT TOP 1 I.Status, I.DisplayName FROM IPAM.IPNode I WHERE Status=2 AND I.Subnet.DisplayName = ''SubnetName'''


      Continually get the security error posted above.


      The credential being used is domain based.


      Time is correct on both servers and no information is being written in the InformationService log.

      Using IPAM 4.3 with SDK Version 1.9.137 my NPM version (if it matters) is 11.0.1