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    FTP Voyager Scheduler  Email




      I've been using FTP Voyager for a little over a year now. My event email notifications have always worked. All of the sudden about a month ago the email notifications come form Voyager have been sporadic and then not at all. I don't see anything wrong with my SMTP server seeing as everything else is coming through it (such as my web filter, firewall and other server notifications). It is only notifications from FTP Voyager. Is this a known error?



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          The big event I can think of that happened about a month ago was the daylight savings change.  Do you have any scheduled jobs?  You may have to recreate them to make sure they fire at the right time.


          If that is not the case, was there anything that changed at roughly the same time when you first saw the failure?


          Is there anything in the log describing what the issue could be?

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