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    New Hotfix Available via the Customer Portal: Virtualization Manager v6.1.1 - HotFix1 (FB390934)

      Customer download link: http://downloads.solarwinds.com/solarwinds/Release/HotFix/VMAN-v6.1.1-HotFix1.zip




      SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Hotfix #1 (SolarWinds-VMAN-v6.1.1-HF-1)






      Only install this hotfix on a Virtualization Manager 6.1.1 appliance.





      The hotfix provides the following fixes:

      1. 1. Hyper-V data collection issues for larger environments (FB357955)
      2. 2. resolve the problem with showing more than 8 segments for segmented

          graphs in Performance Analyser module (FB317101)

      1. 3. possibility to turn off collection of storage path related samples (FB347917)
      2. 4. correctly detecting local VMWare datastores (FB344003)
      3. 5. VSAN data collection fix (FB349534)
      4. 6. every second data source skipped in Orphaned Files On-Demand Report (FB386419)
      5. 7. collector-master communication issues: non-serializable classes (FB387804)
      6. 8. issues with indexing entities (FB362968)
      7. 9. false Alert on VM Host Reboot Alarm (FB389449)


      Installing the hotfix



      Installing the hotfix replaces the VMAN web service for both the server

      and any federated collectors. The original files are renamed and saved

      for rollback to the original. The install script will restart the Tomcat

      service and Virtualization Manager will be running the hotfix.


      Follow the steps in the next sections to install or uninstall the hotfix. 


      Installation procedure



      1. 1.  Use SCP to copy the enclosed VMAN-v6.1.1-HF-1.tgz file to the

          admin user's home directory on the master appliance.


      1. 2.  Log in to the appliance as an admin user using SSH (for example using putty)


          $ cd /home/admin

          $ tar xf VMAN-v6.1.1-HF-1.tgz

          $ sudo bash ./install-v6.1.1-HF-1.sh


      Uninstall procedure



      1. 1.  Log in to the appliance as an admin user, and sudo bash.


          $ cd /home/admin

          $ sudo bash ./uninstall-v6.1.1-HF-1.sh