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    IPAM/UDT integration shows duplicate devices at Switch (unk) HP Comware LACP interfaces


      Hi there,


      I recently purchased UDT and it has been a helpful product.  One of the things we have noticed is that almost every device shows up across multiple switches when looking through the IPAM view.  In particular, everything is showing up on our core switches on port (unk).  We filtered out all the ports that make up our LACP links, but the issue still exists.  We turned on the ability to detect ieee8023adLAG (161) ports, and while it detects the ports and allows us to not monitor them, it doesn't appear to filter out MAC addresses on these ports.  Our core switches run the HP Comware software.  You will notice that it doesn't detect either the link type or VLANs associated with these links.  Can you think of anything we can do to eliminate this issue?  While it isn't a huge problem, it does get a bit confusing.


      Trk10HP ProCurve Switch 2848Trk10Access, TrunkSNMPVirtual1, 2, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 50
      Bridge-Aggregation10Core - ComwareBridge-Aggregation10Bridge-Aggregation10 InterfaceSNMPVirtual
      Bridge-Aggregation3Core - ComwareBridge-Aggregation3Bridge-Aggregation3 InterfaceSNMPVirtual


      Thanks for any help you can provide.