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    ADFS issue with hosted WHD


      Folks - We're attempting to get ADFS authentication working with a hosted instance of Web HelpDesk.  ADFS is up and running on Windows Server 2012R2, and we can log in/out using ldpinitiatedsignon without difficulty.  We have followed as well as we can the newly updated configuration instructions at SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: WHD and AD FS Settings (note that these are not entirely complete/accurate, particularly the step describing the certificate upload).  After setting this up we are presented with the ADFS login as expected.  When logging in we are redirected to the WHD login page rather than automatically logged in.  At this point we can log in with AD credentials (which actually uses LDAP rather than ADFS, as we can still log in here with the ADFS service stopped).


      I've seen at least one other person describing this behavior on SpiceWorks, but no solution was found.  Neither Solar Winds or our hosted provider (Loop1) has been able to find a solution.  Does anyone here have this working who may be able to offer suggestions?