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    Would an Upgrade of Solarwinds Modules erase Stored Historical Data in the Database?


      Dear All,


      In my work environment, we use NPM 11.0 but after sometime, I observed that upon adding new nodes to it, I would have to restart Orion Services Manager before the new nodes get polled for real time information. Although, a ticket has been raised, and I have been advised to upgrade the NPM to 11.0.1 because a hot fix exists for my issue but it can only work on NPM 11.0.1.


      So now, I want to ask if an upgrade in the NPM would affect my historical data in the database.

      Take note, the Solarwinds modules are installed on a server, which is different from where the database is located.


      I just want to clear my doubts.

      Kindly assist.