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    Monitoring SSRS on different server


      I have a setup as follow:

      Server A: SQL Server 2008 Live Production

      Server B: SQL Server 2005 SSRS

      Server C: SQL Server 2008 DPA Repository (1 instance for monitoring Server A)

      How can I monitor Server B query impact on Server A?  I can see all query running on Server A from DPA, however I can't find the query from Server B running on Server A. I would like to know what query on Server B that cause the bottleneck in Server A.

      On Trends menu Blockers tab, I found /* Unknown SQL from database: PTES, program: .Net SqlClient Data Provider, DB user: sa, machine: WIN-5BVA8R7FUQ4 */ in SQL column with SPID 91 (blocker and waiter).  What does it mean?  Does the query from Server B can't be capture by DPA since I only have 1 instance license to monitor (in this case Server A).

      Btw, I'm using DPA with Free Trial license and the attached file is the screenshot of SPID 91 (blocker and waiter)

      Thank you in advance.