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    Issues with creating a report for Change Management in SolarWinds WHD

    steven bolduc

      I am having issues with creating a report for Change Management within SolarWinds Web Help Desk. I have two test ticket setup with both setup with Request Type "Change Request" One with a Drop Down box "IT General / Other Change Request" and I have one with a Drop Down box "Network Change Request". The Report that I am getting back is with a header of "Change Management Report" which is what I called it. Under the header it reads "Tickets worked on between 12/11/14 3:17 pm and 12/18/14 3:17 pm", Under the date range header is the sub heading of "Apporved Changed Request>IT General / Other Change Request Tickets" and then the report shows a column with the text "Retail Systems Support" a row with the text "Approved" and the next row with the text "Total" and under the "Retail Systems Support" reads the total of "1".I have it set up as I describe below.I have also attached screen snips of the setup and then the resulting report. Please take a look at this let me know what I am doing wrong, Thanks for anyone that can help


      Steven Bolduc, Northern Tool & Equipment



      Chart type is set to "Table Only".

      Row Category is set to "Request Type"

      Column Category is set to "Tech Group"

      Repetition Category is set to "Status"

      Table Data is set to "Tickets"

      Show Filters is set to "No"

      Time Range is set to From: 1wk ago to 0 wks ago (using exact date and time).

      Date Attribute for Time Range "Date Worked On"



      Request Type Inclusive

           Change Request>AS400 Change Request.

           Change Request>BI/SAS Change Request.

           Change Request>EDI Change Request.

           Change Request>Hardware Change Request.

           Change Request>IT Compliance Change Request.

           Change Request>IT General / Other Change Request.

           Change Request>IT Telecom Change Request.

           Change Request>Network Change Request.

           Change Request>Retail Support Change Request.

           Change Request>TGW Change Request.

           Change Request>TSG Change Request.

           Change Request>Website Change Request.