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    can a thwack Content Exchange section be created specifically for SWQL?


      I've recently become more comfortable less uncomfortable with SWQL and have used it in a place where Report Writer reports worked on web pages my team viewed, but not when those pages were viewed by teams limited by a custom property.  The other team was seeing SQL errors that my team did not see.  I found SWQL that was pretty close to what I was trying to do (down nodes sorted by time), but I can see where SWQL content being in one place on this forum might be helpful.


      I like the SWQL approach over Report Writer approach where possible since it's easier to get one system looking like another (I only need to edit views/ SWQL and no need for moving files around and assuming they are the same files from that point forward).  When I'm trying to troubleshoot why two similar SolarWinds systems show differences, it will help.  And for my SolarWinds systems that I can take files to (but never from), it's easier to work with SWQL text than report files.


      Per the examples here, it looks like I won't have to use inner joins due to functionality of SWQL:  SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: How to use SolarWinds Query Language (SWQL)