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    LEM Events stop updating Filters







      Monitoring LEM over the last two months, I have noticed LEM has twice had a database issue causing LEM not to display any events.  On both occasions, LEM syslog shows LEM receives data from devices.  Looking at the hypervisor, it does not show any alarms for the LEM VM.  I finally got LEM to display events in filters after I issued a dbrestart.  Any thoughts on how I can further troubleshoot the cause of this issue?




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          Can you SSH into the LEM and run a VIEWSYSINFO under the MANAGER menu and show the output?

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              Following are the first couple of lines from the viewsysinfo.

              Is there something in the output of viewsysinfo that would give me an indication why Events were not displaying in the Filters even though LEM received syslog messages from the devices?  Or, when this problem started?




              cmc::cmm# viewsysinfo
              Collecting general system information......... done.
                                CMC version: 4737
                                The time is: 2014/12/16 13:56:06
                          Machine uptime is: 14 days,  3:34
                           Linux version is: 3.2.0-3-amd64
                    Machine architecture is: 64-bit
                       Physical Memory info:
                                            MemTotal:        8200516 kB
                                            MemFree:         1170148 kB
                             Number of CPUs: 2
                                  CPU model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5430  @ 2.66GHz
                     Memory Overcommit is default.
                  TriGeo manager version is: 6.0.1
                    TriGeo manager build is: release
                    TriGeo upgrade build is: 520398
                        Product Support Key: TZLFL-M7CSH-7DJB-AYU4-DH376-Z6FDL

                               License Type: Commercial
              Total Number of Node Licenses: 50
                         Available Licenses: 39

                 Manager heap configuration: Initial heap size is 3000M and maximum heap size is 3000M
                  Max # of alerts in memory: 600000

                            Flow configured: false

                  Virtualization Platform: VMware
                    Synchronization : Enabled
                    Hypervisor Time : 16 Dec 2014 13:56:07
                    Guest Time      : Tue Dec 16 13:56:07 2014

                    Speed           : 2660 MHz
                    Reservation     : None
                    Limit           : Unlimited

                    Reservation     : None
                    Limit           : Unlimited
                    Swapped         : 0 MB
                    Ballooned       : 0 MB

                  Tools configured
                  Cisco Wireless LAN Controller and IOS-XE Software : Cisco WLC Connector Discovery
                    Ver#: Revision - #31   Reading: true
                    Log Loc: /var/log/local0.log
                  F5 BigIP messages : F5 BigIP messages Connector Discovery
                    Ver#: Revision - #26   Reading: true
                    Log Loc: /var/log/auth.log

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                  You need to set reservations for the LEM's memory and CPU, or this issue will continue to occur.  Reservations should be set equal to the currently assigned resources, in your case the 8GB of memory and 2660 CPU.


                  You may also want to enable the Template rules "Appliance Database Down" and "Solarwinds Disk Full" which would watch the LEM's own health and send an alert when stuff goes wrong.