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    Defining Network Object in Alerts




      How is the the "Network Object" defined in alerts?


      What I'm trying to figure out is why on some alerts the "network object" is the actually node and other times the "network object" is the component.


      For example, the image below shows node names for cpu/memory utilization, but for the component status it gives the component name that is in a warning/critical status.


      I know if you hover over the component it gives you the details of the actual node affected.


      Is it possible to include the node name along with the component or to show the node name instead of the component?


      Thanks for any information.


      Kind regards.



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          If you create a report in ReportWriter to show status of component alerts, you will be able to also include node names in your report.  This would probably be more useful to you than using the canned alerts page.  The Network Object you mentioned is defined by the first step in creating an alert--choosing what to alert against (node/ interface/ volume/ application/ component/ custom SQL etc.).

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