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    Export to PDF not working


      A co-worker has an open case on this, but the people dealing with it don't know what a certification chain or trusted root certificate authority are, and so are suggesting things that are not good.


      At some point in the upgrade from to 11.0.1 via NPM 11.0,NPM 10.7  scheduled PDF reports (and generating PDF reports in internet explorer broke).


      We have a valid certificate with both the virtual (www) and actual (ndt-sw-app1) server names in it, that has a valid trust chain to a root CA.

      => we do not use self-signed certificates (I even have valid certificates for RDP access -- corporate agreement with a CA gives us these )

      On a client I can generate a PDF of a web page using BOTH internet explorer (11) or Google Chrome

      On the server itself I can generate a PDF of a web page using Google Chrome

      => looks like certificates are good then.


      On the server itself I cannot generate a PDF from a web page using Internet Explorer (9) or a scheduled email report with a PDF in it.

      => suspect there is some internet explorer / library setting that is breaking this