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    FTP Voyager Scheduler v16 is terrible.  How can I download v15 which I paid for?


      Well, I tried.  I really did.  But I'm sick of dealing with this nonsense.  I don't have the time.  I can't wait for a "bug fix" which may never come. 


      I have tried the last few weeks to use the new version 16 of FTP Voyager and FTP Scheduler in a production situation and it continues to fail.  I had been very happy with our paid-for version 15 and when I had to provision a new server to perform our FTP synchronization tasks, I assumed that getting the newest version would be the smartest thing to do.  Not only that, but the new version was free! 


      However, the myriad critical logic errors in this new version have broken my business' processes and there appears to be no way to submit trouble tickets for the program nor any real tech support (I don't consider a forum "tech support") now that it is "free".  Specifically, I've tried to get two of my own issues resolved, and have been tracking a third:


      1. "KEEP ALIVE" when attempting to "move down" a folder with no items in it.
        1. FTP Voyager Scheduler Empty Folder "Move Down" Bug & Possible Work-Around
      2. Incorrect "move down" behavior causing data loss.
        1. FTP Voyager Scheduler Move Down File Deletion Behavior
      3. Inability to run simultaneous tasks.
        1. Due to One Schedule task stuck & oall thers are in queue


      None of these were issues in version 15.  However it pains me, and seeing no actual resolution on my issues, I have to revert a production server and downgrade FTP Voyager to a version that actually works. 

      So, with that said, where can I actually download a copy of version 15?  All links available are either dead or point to the v16 download.