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    Scheduled dates- can these be used to send out reminders?


      I am kind of missing the point of the Scheduled dates or is this intended to be a passive reminder only?


      What I am thinking is Priority reminders are linked to the Creation Date or Due Date, but the Due Date is exactly that,

      For example if I need to do a software install & have an agreed time with the client to do it which falls within the SLA then it would be nice to get a prompt out of the system telling you when the Scheduled time was coming up. The only way to do this seems to be to amend the Due Date/ time, but surely that negates the point of putting in a Scheduled Date...?


      What I have seen elsewhere is if you enter a scheduled work date, that will either amend the Due Date or stop the SLA countdown until the Scheduled date rolls around.


      If anyone can think of  a way to do this please let me know!