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      I have some orphaned IP's that should be in one of my networks but I can't put them in the network because I am at the limit for manageable IP's. I don't think we have 1024 devices. I am assuming the unused IP's in each subnet are counting against us. I am trying to figure out how to set Solarwinds up to manage all of these subnets, vlan's, etc. I did not set up our Solarwinds, so I am not sure what is happening and I am a new network tech. It looks like the subnet/vlan information is coming from our DHCP server, which I do not manage. Any insights or thoughts to point me in the right direction to clean up our IP schemes and direct Solarwinds to identify used IP's would be appreciated.


          Is your question about SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM). If so, you may want to move this to the IPAM forum.


          You may want to check if scanning is enabled on the subnets you are interested in. some screenshots would help

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