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    inventory of guest operating systems


      I wanted to create a report/graph that shows the Guest Operating System and be able to filter it down to Cluster and display the Guest VM's Name.


      I was able to produce a graph with a breakdown of the operating systems in usage on our clusters but I wanted to drill down to specific OS and Clusters to display the Guest Name and together with the Guest OS.  The purpose of this graph is to show how many of each operating system are running within our environment and identify them by their Guest Name.  With such a list, one could prioritize upgrades based upon this information.

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          you can use Facets (see steps below) or export all VMs together with Cluster name & OS into XLS document (let me know if you need additional info).


          How to find VMs under particular Cluster and having specific OS:
          1) go to Reporting - Business Views
          2) switch to Facets
          3) choose "vm.cluster.name" facet
          4) in the pie chart select the cluster you are interested in and press "Drill Down"
          5) now choose "vm.guestFullName" facet
          6) select OS and via "Search button you'll get all requested VMs


          Does it help you?

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