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    Some metrics for 1 SQL Server monitored instance are not working

    hany helmy


      Some metrics for only 1 monitored SQL Server instance are not working while the same metrics for other SQL instances are working just fine.

      1. The metrics are enabled by default, but sometimes it will become disabled because of that error msg: "SQL Server performance data not being populated in master..sysperfinfo."

      2. I already cleared the chart cach (few times).

      3. Already restarted the Ignite PI service on the repo instance.

      4. WMI counters are enabled (from Regedit.exe I checked).

      5. WMI service on the monitored instance has been restarted already.

      6. SQL Server service account on that server is the Local System built-in account.

      Please find attached, it might help you to help me solve this issue.