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    Wireless client history resource - does it exist ?


      The default 'Search for wireless clients' resource provided by Solarwinds, appears to query the table 'Wireless Clients' and misses the mark for what we need.


      Has anyone had success, or has found a way to provide a resource that enables orion web users to search for a specific wireless client that would returns results which are found in table 'Wireless_Clients_SessionHistory' instead. Attempts to create reports have not been successful, as our wireless tables are rather large and such reports are killers on our sql. A simple query of Wireless_Clients_SessionHistory by MAC runs quickly and returns exactly what we need. I just need to provide a resource on the web interface, so that our orion users can plug in MACAddress. We also have device tracker, but it is not quite hitting the mark to return the info typically found in Wireless_Clients_SessionHistory.