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    Receiving sflow from HP MSM760 wireless controller


      Hi all


      Anyone using HP wireless controllers and receiving sflow in NTA?

      I am trying to get my head around this, but so far I have not had much luck.


      I have configured my Orion server as a collector on the MSM box, and enabled the collector on a few accesspoints.

      Using wireshark I can see flows coming in on UDP port 2055 from the controller.


      I think my problem is that the format of the packets from the controller is wrong. As you can see from below, they are not recognized by wireshark as flow packets.


      Perhaps I have completely misunderstood this, but my understanding is that NTA should be able to receive SFLOW, and not just Netflow fra Cisco devices.




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          sFlow format is much different from NetFlow, that why Wireshark has separate parser for sFlow, to see the content of the packet right click it, select Decode as.. > last tab > select SFLOW from the list on the right.


          Now for NTA: NTA is able to process sFlow if it contains information required by NTA, typically TCP/IP packets:


          Only known issue from top of my head is with TRILL protocol causing sFlow stream to be rejected by NTA.