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    Send group members statu on alert


      I am trying to send an alert when a group status changes and i want to send the list of members and status of each of them

      when the alert triggers.so i edit the Alert me when a groups status changes

      and in the email i tried to used



      but it only return the first member

      then i tried SQL query

      something like this :


      ${SQL:SELECT     Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupName AS Group_Name,Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupStatusDescription AS Group_Status,Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupMemberName AS Group_Member_Name,Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupMemberStatusDescription AS Group_Member_Status FROM Containers_AlertsAndReportsData Where GroupID=${GroupID}}


      which is return what i want in SQL but in email i can only see the first member


      what should i do ?

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          In the SQL variable, you can only return one value row of data, so you can't return group name, status, member name and status, you have to choose 1 value to in the SQL Select Variable. 


          You could also try  ${GroupDetailsURL} which will send the link to the group page.

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              sorry if i am asking stupid question . i am new in Orion

              so there is now way to get the list ? some kind of loop to read them one by one?

              i saw the reports , can i send the a report in alert ?

              i need the list so the users see it on email or SMS , using the URL is not helpful in my case

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                  There's not a way to embed an entire report, and the SQL variables you could do one to pull the names and another to pull the status, but they'd be in corresponding rows and not a table.  What you may want to do rather than alert on the group status is update on the group member status.  That way you can send the status of the member, then name of the group, and the name of the member that has changed it's status. 

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                I'm using ${GroupStatusRootCause} in my group status change alerts. It lists the node or nodes responsible for the group status change. It sounds kind of like what you are trying to do.

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                  Ok i found it in another post


                  ${SQL:SELECT cast(cast([GroupMemberFullName]as varchar(max)) + '' + ' ' + '-' + ' ' as XML), cast(cast([GroupMemberStatusName]as varchar(max)) + '' + CHAR(10) + CHAR(13) as XML) FROM  [SolarWindsOrion].[dbo].[Containers_AlertsAndReportsData] where   GroupID=${GroupID}  FOR XML PATH('')}


                  Thanks everyone