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    NPM 11.0.1 Support for MS SQL Server 2014?


      In the release notes for v11.0.1 it states the following:

      NPM 11.0.1

      This service release of SolarWinds NPM includes the following:

      • Support for MS SQL Server 2012 SP2


      We have six new physical servers for use as NPM database servers; each has 256GB RAM installed.

      I have been told that we cannot purchase SQL Enterprise Edition for these servers due to the licensing costs, so our new servers are being shipped with SQL 2008 R2 Standard Edition (which supports only 64GB RAM max).


      I have been told by a reliable source that v11.0.1 actually has been tested successfully on SQL 2014, but the release notes and support matrix do not reflect this.

      Can we use SQL 2014 Standard Edition for our new Orion NPM instances?

      The server database engine on SQL 2014 Standard Edition supports up to 128GB RAM, so this would at least utilize a larger amount of physical memory (and still leave 128GB for the OS, which will make it happy too).


      Please let me know if this is supported, since we're spinning up three new production instances in the next three months.