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    What are reasons _not_ to upgrade to latest WHD release?

    Peter Krutý



      from time to time I hear about user with active maintenance entitled for upgrade, but not interested in upgrading to latest version WHD. I'm wondering, what could be different reasons not to upgrade?




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          Some reasons I can think of:

          1. Bugs fixed never effected client therefore it's not worth updating.
          2. None of the features introduced are worth updating for because they were never heavily used.
          3. Perhaps new update introduces a bug that makes the update a non-starter and they won't update until a new official update is released that fixes it.
          4. The organization has a very strict process when it comes to updates therefore delaying updates by weeks/months on software.
          5. The organization is actively looking at other help desk software alternatives and therefore does not want to update the current software.
          6. The organization lost their "IT" person and therefore is not in a position to conduct an update for something that is currently working. I can only imagine this would affect small businesses.