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    3750 Poe Alert Email Trigger Actions


      Hopefully my working alert helps someone else, but it would be nice to have it working better. Currently, I have a working Alert that triggers using pethMainPseConsumptionPower, when the inline power of a switch stack hits the Numeric Value threshold. When the alert triggers, an email is sent with the below output from the switch. I am using the below variables to gather the info, but was hoping someone in the community could help clean this up. It would be nice if each switch from the RowID matched the RawStatus, all help would be greatly appreciated. If we could get something like what the webpage shows that would be even more awesome.


      Trigger Condition:


      Variables used in email:

      SWITCH:  ${CustomPollerStatus.RowID}

      WATTS:   ${CustomPollerStatus.RawStatus}


      Info included in Email:

      SWITCH:  1, 2, 3, 4

      WATTS:   349, 316, 347, 312


      From node details and would be nice to have table in email:


      Or if it were possible to get something similar to what show power inline has:

      Module   Available     Used     Remaining

                    (Watts)     (Watts)    (Watts)

      ------         ---------       --------       ---------

      1             370.0        349.1        20.9

      2             370.0        316.3        53.7

      3             370.0        347.3        22.7

      4             370.0        312.0        58.0