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    Node Properties: Alerting Thresholds, but Hardcoded Values in Advanced Alert Manager


      This is a new install of NPM, and I have a question about the default alerts.


      Under each node's properties, there is a section for "Alerting Thresholds":

      1. Thresholds.PNG

      However, when I look at advanced alert manager, it has a value hardcoded (This is from the default alert "High Response Time Monitoring"):

      2. Trigger Condition.PNG

      To further confuse things, the Trigger Action email uses a variable:

      3. EmailPage Action.PNG

      I've verified that the 200ms is what's triggering the alert. The default alert tells me that the response time exceeded 1000 (or whatever the global threshold is), but I had the email also include the average response time, and it is just over 200ms for these sites in China (which is to be expected).  That is, the modified email from the advanced alert sends me:


      "Response time for node <chinafqdn> has exceeded 1000. 

      Average Response Time: 229 ms"


      How do I use the per-node thresholds for alerting?