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    "Day" drop down menu


      Hi folks,


      How do I increase the days listed in the "Day" drop down menu? I want to go back further than just 1 month. I would also like to see the trend chart have a couple more months as well if possible (without making the interface look completely cluttered of course).




      Michael Murray

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          You can increase the detail kept by adjusting an option.  On the homepage, select the action dropdown for the instance you want to keep more detail data for and click advanced options.  If you are on 9.0, then you can click on the DB instance options tab and select support options (checkbox).  Scroll down until you see CLEAN_DAYS_OF_DETAIL.  By default it's set to 30.  You can adjust that to be 60 or 90 or ??.


          CAVEAT:  The vast majority of the storage consumption is at the detail level, so increasing the days of detail retained WILL have an impact on storage.  For that one monitored instance, the storage requirements will be a little less than double if set to 60 days, a little less than triple if set to 90 days, etc.