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    Polling execution of NPM


      Good day Solarwinds peeps!


      Is there a way to determine , typically how long it takes for NPM to execute a particular task




      You have it setup so Solarwinds does a node check every 2 minutes, per device, how long does it take for solarwinds to actually execute this task? Since solarwinds does this across a few hundred nodes, there must be a hit on how long it takes to actually go through all your nodes , no? So in reality a 2 minute check might take 5 -  6 minutes depending on load of your system


      If there is a delay in execution then of course your data is skewed , correct? or am i off my rocker here



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          Take into account that this is one of the reasons that SolarWinds using next poll times and has staggered polling.  Not EVERYTHING is getting polled at the same time, but many will be.  However, with how the software works, and with the small size of the ICMP packets done for a node status check, while you may be doing 100+ pings, these are returned usually in a matter of milliseconds and processed by the software.  SolarWinds has been able to get the coding down to be able to process these loads, which is why you can see the Polling Completion rate within the website.  As such there should be no delay in execution or skew in data.  Remember this isn't doing real-time scanning, it's getting point-in-time data from ICMP or MIBs every time it polls, which is a static value at the time it's presented.  While yes the data will fluctuate more if you are looking at a real-time monitor as SolarWinds is monitoring in intervals, there shouldn't be any delay that would cause a skew in the traffic that's being reported to from the device.