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    Collection Issue Email or SNMP Notification?


      All too often I get collection issues across the devices I'm collecting from in Storage Manager. Is there a generic alert from Storage Manager that will tell me when I'm having such issues as they occur. I looked through the Rules, but I can't find anything already there or what I would alert on to create one. In essence I would like to be informed at the point something hits the Storage Manager Health Status page.


      I also have a question about that page. I just noticed by accident that I was not getting performance data from all the ESXi servers in a particular vSphere cluster. There was no notification of this on the Health Status. I fixed it by stopping the agent service and removing the data folder under ..\systemic\mod.sys.virtual.Virtual_1.0 which had LOTs of old files present then restarting the agent. I'm now seeing performance data.


      Any help would be appreciated before I open a ticket.



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          Hi rupdegraff,


          The most common event that you will see when there are collection issues is a "data archive window exceeded" event show up in Event Monitor. Basically, this indicates that the agent has filled up it's local data cache and has been unable to send data back to the main server for storage in the database. Defining alerts directly off of events listed on the STM Health Status page is not available at this time, but definitely a good suggestion.


          Your second issue seems like a bug/missed feature. Please raise a ticket.