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    Dameware Mini Remote Control Admin Rights?!


      Is there a way once logged in to a machine that the tech have rights over the local users profile? For instance I am a domain admin on my user account however when I log into a machine via Dameware it tells me that its using the users rights. Is there a setting where when I login via Dameware that it uses those rights? EX: Trying to install a printer and it requires local admin rights at min to install a specific driver.. Any ideas??

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          When you remote control the user's computer, it doesn't change the context of the user. You move the mouse as if you were him/her, not you, so security blocks remain.


          There are other ways of doing that. Either logoff the user and log back in with your credentials (not a good idea, but would work), or use "runas". In Windows 7/8, UAC should take care of most security problems.