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    UDT/IPAM - User Login Persistence Threshold on IPAM


      I have been happy with the new IPAM/UDT integrations with UDT logins and ports showing on the IPAM page.  However, now that it has been in place for about a month or so, I am concerned with how many logins still show on the IPAM pages.  Some PC's show 6 and 7 logins.  I feel that is fairly accurate depending on the use of the machine but I have been unable to figure out how a login might be cleared from the IPAM page.  We allow multiple concurrent logins since we're Windows 7 but I doubt every machine has 4-5 logins persistent.  What constitutes a logout/timeout for a particular user? 


      I would like to see say a 24 hour threshold.  Active logins should continue to query AD I think every so often so they will continue to show but users logged out would clear after 24 hours.  I still want to be able to see all historical logins in UDT however.  Maybe my logs aren't showing the correct logout info or maybe there is some additional tweaking I can do to thresholds to "clean" up my IPAM pages because right now it makes it pretty hard to read with 6-7 logins including domain/ taking up the whole screen if I want to see them all.  Additionally, is the left most login the most recent login or is it random, or alphabetical by user?  I looked around and couldn't find this detail but maybe I could be pointed to the full detailed description of the integration.  Like I said, maybe I am ignorant of my own environment right now and we do have half a dozen logins active on many PC's.