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    Orion website/resource usage statistics (ie: page hits)?

    Craig Norborg

      Our main page on Orion is pretty cluttered and I'm looking at it today wondering how to squeeze in a link to a report that everyone is referencing while an on-going project is being worked.   We have a resource that shows some key reports and usage graphs, but its pretty full.  Problem is, I think some of the links are rarely, if ever, used and I would like to take them off the main page.   However, I have no way of proving that there isn't some people referencing these reports on a daily basis.


      So, I would love to be able to either a) find a 3rd party utility that will give me statistics on how often pages are loaded or b) have a feature in Orion that will tell me how often a report or view is accessed.  


      I've tried a few 3rd party web page statistics programs, with not much luck.    Many don't differentiate between "SummaryView.aspx?ViewID=1" and "SummaryView.aspx?ViewID=96", since they are both SummaryView.aspx to them.   Or, they produce reports that are too messy to be useful.


      If its done within Orion, I would love to be able to query it and maybe put in that I want to know how often "SummaryView.aspx?ViewID=55" is accessed.




      Anyone else looking for something like this?   (ie: am I on my own, or should I put in a feature request for this?)


      Anyone else found something that works good for them with this?