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    storage manager server capacity


      I got hired on in july at my current company and have been doing various clean up for the storage devices on our network and the like.  However, after changing the java heap and removing any and all servers that are no longer in our network, i am still getting a message of "There are x devices with data collection issue".  if i click on a server that is listed with a red circle/ white x on it, depending on the situataion, there will be data actually showing up on the screen for the sever ( there will be a line for performance, cpu, memory, network).  how is that possible?



      we have updated the memory and cpu to the viritual machine running storage manager and that seemed to make a little bit of a difference, but i am wondeirng if we need to add more cpu and memory for that vm running storage manager.  or is there a limit that storage manager can manage  that i am unaware of?