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    Local Orion SAM users can't see virtual machines


      We have a licensed SAM installation and a trial Virtualization Manager license. I've configured Virtualization Manager to poll my vCenters, and polling is working properly. I've enabled integration between Virtualization Manager and SAM. If I log into SAM as Admin or as an Active Directory domain user with SAM admin permissions, I can see the VMs in my device groups and in the Orion Virtualization tab.This is what I expect to see.


      I created a local user in SAM. I created a group in SAM that contains nodes and VMs. I created a limitation for the local user that includes this group of devices. If I log in as the Orion local user - with or without admin permissions - I can't see any of the VMs. I have tried:


      1. Giving my local user admin permissions SAM.
      2. Creating a local user with the same name and password in Virtualization Manager.
      3. Making that local user an Admin in Virtualization Manager .
      4. Reconfiguring integration between Virtualization Manager and SAM.


      Should my local SAM user be able to see VMs in SAM? If so, is there some additional step or permissions I need to grant?