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    Pull out Netflow Stats into an Alert




      I have several alerts that are set for high utilization. There are working great!

      Now, My boss wanted to add the Top xx Conversation to the alert (txt format):



      I tried tweaking the NetFlow Alerts but nothing close.... Now that we are in NetFlow 4.x we can't query directly the SQL Database....


      Any ideas?

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          I do not think SolarWinds is there, just yet, with the features you are wanting/needing... Not easily, anyway.  However, there are many requests for such things, and I am fairly certain the SolarWinds NTA crew has this on their list of things to do.

          I have not had a chance to update to the latest version that came out a few weeks ago, but I do not think it was scheduled to provide what you are asking.  So, maybe the next beta will include better reporting/alerting.


          Hopefully I am wrong, but, if not, then I reckon we just wait a bit longer...



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