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    NPM 10.7 Report Writer




      I've recently created a report that would show our branches that experienced high utilization. This report is put into a 24 hour format( so essentially i get to see the max utilization for every hour of every day) and is set to the last 30 days. I do have filters that are specify which nodes and whether their percent utilization is higher than 80% ( that reallllyy cut down on the amount of data).   Now the problem isn't this report, but another report i want to create off of this one. I'm looking to get a report that literally counts the lines of this report and spit it out into a monthly report. Hopefully, Solarwinds has the functionality to be able to do this.  If it requires combining the reports into one and just adding a couple SQL lines to the report, that would be fine with me as well.   Any help would be much appreciated.