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    Trap Viewer Issues


      I am trying to use the trap viewer to just forward messages when they are recieved. I set set in the general tab to look at 1 IP. I can only choose from All Servers or my local host to apply this to. I have no entry in DNS Hostname, Trap Details are * Cummunity String is *, Conditions are none, Trigger Threshold is none and the Action is to send a simple email. I also have another rule to look at 4 other devices. I can only see 4 traps in my Current Traps view. I'm wondering what the heck is going on. I made the rules in mirror of the production system that uses a different version, but with different IP's to look at. Is the viewer on the right port? We use port 161 and version 2c. I have tinkered for days on this. I don't want to add all of the OID's to the UDP and I really don't want to make 100 alerts for them either. Guidence I seek.



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          To paraphrase, you have setup a test system, are sending traps to it (directly from the originating devices) and are only seeing a couple traps come through. This is even though your production system that also receives traps from those devices is receiving far more traps? Or are you forwarding traps from your production box to the test box?