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    Regex and unmolested alert forwarding


      I deployed Alert Central v1.1.6 so that I can simplify my Orion alerts and dramatically reduce the vast quantity of almost identical alerts. I intended to use numerous Custom Properties so that the logic of what constitutes an alert and who should be told to fix it is performed by rules rather than by just creating even more alerts definitions and Alert Central looked like exactly the right product.

      What I hoped to do was to send all my alerts to AC so that AC could regex and determine who and how should be told and then to just forward the original unmolested alert to that recipient. And then for AC to simply delete all record of the original alert mail. I do not want users to need access to AC.

      I have been able to attach the original Orion alert mail to the AC alert, but unable to remove its mail routing information.

      Using variables and extracts of the summary and object I have rebuilt an AC version of the original Orion alert, but it looks horrible and does include the recipient-help that I built into Orion's alerts. The captured object text does not seem to understand line breaks and joins these words.

      Multiple object capturing, more variables and the ability to include plain text, URLs and other readability extras may improve the presentation of the AC mail, but if they are there I've not found them yet.

      Did I just misunderstand what AC was going to do for me or have I not configured it properly?

      (NPM11, SAM602, etc)