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    Setting up API for IPAM reservations




      One of our teams is trying to create an applet that will assign IP address reservations directly to the IPAM tables.  His script is as follows:

      UPDATE IPAM_Node Set Status = 1, Description = 'Assigned by Automation'

      WHERE IPAddress = 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'

      The script seemed to work fine at first, with the required IP address showing as Used.  However, when I look at the subnet utlization, it shows 0 IP's used.  So, it seems that the there is another table that needs to be update.  Do any of you know which additional table(s) need to be updated as well?  Thanks in advance. 

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          it's actually not so simple that's why it doesn't work with the script above (wrong subnet utilization). we want to improve our API and bring native support for such operation. could you please describe the problem you want to solve (for example mark IP as used during VM machine setup, or new IP phone delpoyment...) thanks in advance for your help.



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            The team that was working on this developed some scripts that mark the IP address correctly as used.  However, I do not have the script, I'd need to ask them for it.  Anyway, we tested their solution in our lab environment and it worked flawlessly.  We can see IP address utilization properly on all the IPAM pages.  Again, I will ask for the script and will forward it to you then.  Thanks again.