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    What to be monitored to troubleshoot XenDesktop/XenApp overall performance issues



      I am researching what to be monitored to troubleshoot the overall performance issues in XenDesktop/XenApp system.

      By saying "overall" I mean that the overall performance would be good/bad because of not only the XenDesktop/XenApp server but also LAN/WAN and Xen client machines.

      The major performance issues I guess are: slow response of running applications (running in the virtual desktop), or of GUI updates seen on the client screen (such as high latency, low frame rate).


      But I am not familiar with which performance indicators I should check to find the cause of such the performance issues.

      So, I would like to see what performance indicators you usually monitor, to maintain the XenDesktop/XenApp sysem.

      I am also glad to know the pointers to websites/books which advise such the information.