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    New nodes added through swis do not poll


      I added a bunch of ICMP nodes using powershell commands. The nodes appear in the Web UI and I see them in the database, but they're not actually polling. They stay as green dots even though they don't poll. These are ICMP-only nodes, and I have a large number of them, so I would really like to do this with a command and not the Web UI. I tried opening a support case for nodes not polling, but as soon as I mentioned powershell, they suggested I post here and closed the case.


      Here is a sample command (assume already connected to swis):


      New-SwisObject $swis -EntityType "Orion.Nodes" -Properties @{EntityType="Orion.Nodes"; IPAddress=""; IPAddressGUID="7800000A-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"; Caption="Node120"; DNS="Node120";DynamicIP=$False; EngineID=1; Status=1; UnManaged=$False; Allow64BitCounters=$True; SysObjectID=""; MachineType=""; VendorIcon=""; ObjectSubType="ICMP"; }

      At first I didn't include the IPAddressGUID, but I've since added it with no change. I've already tried Allow64BitCounters=$False

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          while I don't know why your API calls didn't work as expected, you can certainly add a new 'Network Sonar Discovery' without any SNMP, vCenter or WMI credentials and paste the list of IPs you want to add in the 'Specific nodes' section



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            You need to add necessary poller to the node in order to get polled. You can find samples of adding poller to the node @ "C:\Projects\SWIS\M_SWIS\depot\Dev\Main\Orion\SDK\Src\Samples\PowerShell".


            I see couple of pollers for ICMP. Add what is required for your purpose.


            N.IPAddress.ICMP.Generic :: IP addresses poller for ICMP devices. Poller performs reverse/forward DNS lookup to gather IP addresses.


            N.StatusAndResponseTime.ICMP.SendEcho ::  Node response time and status poller which utilizes ICMP query to find out if node is responding. Poller utilize Win32 API IcmpSendEcho method to measure response time and node status.