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    Help with Volume Information in SolarWinds




      I am try to automate adding nodes into SolarWinds for a project we have going. I am able to add the Node to be managed with ICMP and WMI and polling for CPU and Memory utilization without any issues. I've been using the Powershell snapins to accomplish this. I also want to monitor the volumes and the network adapter(s) on each node that is added. I am able to add a volume but only if I provide the information for it. Because the index's change from server to server this could be a problem. Cause I don't know if index 3 is the C: drive or if it is the A: drive. Index 1 seems to normally be physical memory but from looking at all drives currently in the environment that doesn't even seem consistent.


      So my question is, is there a way to mimic what is being done when I click "List Resources" on the web interface? Or what exactly does SolarWinds check when it pulls back this information? Since it is connection via WMI I am guessing I should be able to use a get-wmiobject cmdlet to retrieve the same information but for the Life of me I can't seem to find a class that shows "Physical Memory,Virtual Memory, Local Drives, etc". Any ideas on how this could be done? Essentially I want to be able to determine the data shown below and the indexes that SolarWinds will see them as so I can add them via a script rather than manually selecting the drives on hundreds of servers.





      Thank it in advance for any help on this matter!