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    An http test will not test positive even though the site loads fine and I can visually see the string I'm testing for. Why?


      I'm using IPMonitor to keep track of all the websites we host. I'm using html/asp tests for particular strings on those sites to make sure I get an alert if the site goes down for some reason. The problem is, for one particular site, IP Monitor can't seem to get a fix on it, and the test always comes up as a failure... even though I'm able to pull up the website in a browser on the vary same computer IPMonitor is running from, and I'm copy and pasting a string from the website's source text into the Test to make sure the string is visible and should be testable. This is happening with only one site, and with all the other sites I have, the tests perform normally.


      What could be causing this discrepancy? I'm tearing my hair out trying to get to the bottom of it. Any help out there?