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    Site profiles not visible in Scheduler


      If I create a new site profile in Voyager I can not see it in Scheduler when I go to set up a new task. How do I get Scheduler to see the profiles created in Voyager? I seem to recall at one time (maybe an earlier version) that there was a way to "send" the profiles to Scheduler....


      In scheduler I can see 2 folders - Sites, Personal Sites. But both are empty - even though there are lots of sites defined under these folders in Voyager.


      Moreover, when I change site profile details e.g. IP address in Voyager, this is not being picked up by Scheduler which continues to try to connect to the old address.


      There seems to be a total breakdown in connection between Voyager and Scheduler.



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          There’s two places to configure site profiles in FTP Voyager. One for FTP Voyager itself and one for Scheduler.  Make sure you're configuring them in the right location. Second, make sure you're using the latest FTP Voyager version.  Third, if all else fails, after making the site profile changes, restart the Scheduler service and double-check if it’s picked them up.

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              You say there are two places to configure site profiles. As I understand it the site profiles are set up and configured in FTP Voyager; these profiles should then be available to be used by Scheduler. I can not see anywhere in Scheduler to maintain site profiles. I would have not thought this was  a good thing to do in any case as that means profiles would have to be maintained in 2 different places.


              As an example, I have created a new FTP site profile and stored it in the Personal Sites folder. When I go to Scheduler and create a new task I am asked to select the site profile to use; the Personal Sites folder is visible, but it is empty. This is the central problem I am having - the site profiles are not being made visible to Scheduler. I do recall that in an earlier version of Voyager the user had to specify profiles to be made available to Scheduler; again, I can not see any menu option or icon that will allow me to do this.

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                I have now located the area within VOYAGER where I can create SCHEDULER site profiles. I am struggling to understand why it is necessary to duplicate the information put into the Voyager profiles in the Scheduler profiles - as this requires the same information to be changed in 2 places if anything needs altering e.g. IP addresses, passwords.


                Before I spend an age duplicating all the information for the many sites I need to set up, could you please confirm this approach is correct?

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                    There are 2 ways to copy sites from the Site Profile to Scheduler Site Profiles:

                    - in the Site Profile Manager - right click on specific site profile -> copy to scheduler.

                    - you can export all sites to .csv file in the Site Profile Manager and import the file in Scheduler Site Profiles Manager (this way is good if you have many profiles)