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    Cant send SMS using 004423456789@sms.tc format




      When I try to send SMS via alert central  the alerts never arrive on my phone. Checking the logs I can see the following:-


      15:57:01.495 [NotificationQueue Listener-2] ERROR c.s.o.n.p.EmailNotificationPlugin - email sender failed to send: Alert Central email validation - NID[739] to 004423456789@sms.tc

      javax.mail.SendFailedException: Invalid Addresses

        at com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPTransport.rcptTo(SMTPTransport.java:1873) ~[mail-1.4.5.jar:1.4.5]


      Alert Central has no issues sending to regular email addresses. To test this I set up a contact in Exchange 2010 SP3 that has an internal address and an external address.


      The internal is a regular email address and the external is an sms provider formated address. In Alert central I then set the primary address to the internal regular address......this worked and I receive SMS on my phone.


      Why does AC not like the sms provider adress?