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    Mobile view broken on latest Android Google Chrome browser - Please fix!


      I'm hoping to get some support on the mobile version of Web Help Desk. I'm currently using Motorola Moto X Android 4.4.3. The latest update of the Mobile Google Chrome appears to have broken the mobile version of Web Help Desk. I'm hoping for a quick bug fix but your track record proves else wise. I've tried a few other browser but they mostly all use the Chrome browser as their base and therfore the site is still broken. I use mobile or html5 site a lot to check tickets when I am out and about in my buildings and respond to users. I really wish SolarWind would create an Android app, after all over 50% of all smartphones are Android based, it seems like a no brainer but yet we have been denied for years! Even the iPhone app is getting long in the tooth. Please do some development and bug fix releases.


      Oh and make your Twack user forum follow other normal forum layouts with sections and sub-forums so users know where to post for help. This is so non-user friendly!! The users might as well create their own community if you ask me.