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    Is there a way to get the png file generated by a report programmatically


      I am making a custom dashboard for our organization.  There are many tools we have brought together on one page that show a high level view of our system status.

      I have hourly reports that are emailed from Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), and these are great but I would like to at least include the graph in our dashboard.

      This is an internal app, not trying to sell anything etc.


      I can see the png files in the /charts folder in Tomcat, however there is no sure way of knowing which file pertains to a specific report.

      Just looking for the TOP SQL by hour report.


      Currently I am using an IMAP library to extract the attachments from emails, however this seems to be a very roundabout way of getting what I want.


      I have full access to the SQL server DPA is running on, so if necessary I can look up the latest chart filename if I knew where to look.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.