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    Is it possible to get a report on how much each IP-Group uses a particular port on a Juniper Firewall?

    l bowers



      I have a Juniper SRX-240 firewall with 13 active, physical interfaces.  Interface #1 is the default route off the firewall to the internet.  Five of the physical interfaces (each on its own subnet) on this firewall are customers.  I need to know how much traffic (perhaps total bytes over a 7 day period) from these five customers utilize the internet connection on port 1 for bill-back purposes.  I created IP Groups that define all the subnet on the firewall (customers and other subnet).  I was hoping the NTA feature of SolarWinds would provide this, but support say it doesn't.  I gotta believe there is a way.  Unfortunately I cannot just look at what the traffic is on the five interfaces because there is traffic to/from these customers to other ports/interfaces other than port 1.  I'm running NTA 4.0.  Ideas??