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    Monitoring Cisco UCS Chassis (one works one doesn't)


      So I've been struggling a little with the directions on adding a Cisco UCS chassis into monitoring.  I've found the http://www.solarwinds.com/documentation/Orion/docs/SettingUpCiscoUCS.pdf doc to be somewhat helpful, but lacking some detail on the issues I'm having.  I've also read several threads on thwack that were helpful also.  With that said, here's my situation:


      I've got two UCS chassis I'm trying to monitor.  I've added the VIP for the Chassis and enabled poll via UCS with the UCS credentials, and that works fine.  I've added both of the fabric interconnects polling method of snmp (no UCS credential) for both chassis' and those were added fine.  However, when I click on the blade-1 under the chassis on one of the UCS' nodes NPM asks if I want to add it to polling, which I do via ICMP and that works.  However on the other UCS chassis, I am unable to click on the blade itself to get NPM to prompt me to ask if I want to add it to monitoring.  Also I added the blade IP in manually to do ICMP and it is showing up in NPM, but not associating with the UCS chassis in question.


      Second problem is the hardware health of the chassis, I am getting it on one, but not on the other.


      These are screen shots from the node details of the UCS chassis (VIP) itself, the one configured to use the UCS credentials.