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    Installing Hotfixes


      Please forgive me, this is probably a very basic question.  I am fairly new to Orion and have been tasked with upgrading our versions next week.  My question is regarding hotfixes.  Under my company's licenensed downloads I see there are several hotfixes and I need to know if each one would need to be installed.  For example: 


      Server & Application Monitor v6.1.1, I see there are hotfixes listed from versions 1-3.  Do I need to install all 3 or would Version 3 suffice?  I'd appreciate any insight or point me to where I can read up on this stuff. 




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          A HotFix is an individual, independent patch; they are not cumulative. You will be required to apply each one. However, if none of the issues actually impact your monitoring ability; why not just wait until the next minor release. SAM 6.2 appears to be close to GA. I've been running an unpatched 6.1.1 for some time without issue.



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