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    email settings in Scheduler and Voyager


      We recently replaced our server and had to move FTP Voyager. We took a backup copy of the files as outlined in the article http://www.serv-u.com/kb/1189/how-to-back-up-and-restore-ftp-voyager . We did a new install of FTPVoyager v 16.1.0 and reinstalled the backup files onto the new server.


      We have now discovered after much head scratching and lost hours, that the email settings relating to SMTP server, and the sending address (From) are not being correctly maintained. We tried to update the SMTP setttings in the GUI (both in Scheduler and in Voyager) but they are not used when Scheduler runs an Event that requires email. Instead, it appears to use the ones in the FTPVoyagerSettings.Archive file.


      In order to change the SMTP server name and the "From" entry we now have to do this by hacking the FTPVoyagerSettings.Archive file rather than via the GUI.


      Is this a known bug? Is there anything we can do to get the parameters set in the GUI of Voyager and Scheduler to be retained and used?


      Also, whilst asking questions in this area, why are there 2 interfaces for email settings under Tools - one in Options and one in Scheduler options. These seem to be independent as we can put different values in each which are retained between sessions- both of which are ignored(!) in favour of those in FTPVoyagerSettings.Archive file.  I have been unable to track down where the GUI values are actually stored.


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          I’m not sure what the issue is that you're having.  FTPVoyagerSettings.Archive stores the values for everything configured via the Options dialog in FTP Voyager.  Many of these can be overridden at the site profile level, in which case they’ll be stored in FTPVoyager.Archive (where all the site profiles are stored).  FTP Voyager and FTP Voyager Scheduler settings aren’t stored in the same location: FTP Voyager settings are user dependent, FTP Voyager Scheduler settings are system wide.